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Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Morning loves, How's your day? today I'm going to share my review about Natur Hair product from the anti-hair fall series as well as the fun I had at the Natur Hair Dating blogger gathering with Female Daily. Are you ready? let's begin....

Last Saturday, 8 April 2017 I was invited by Female Daily to attend their Natur Hair Dating Gathering which was held at their HQ. It was a very fun event filled with lots of fun activity and food while waiting for the event to start... There were hair check (to find out your current hair condition), hair styling corner sponsored by Beauphoria and a corner filled with foods 😏. Still with their usual theme by Natur which is #KuatDariAkhir which means strong from the roots as they promote their Anti-Hair Fall range which consist of ginseng extract that is believed to be strengthening for the hair.

During the event Ririe Prams and Kania Safitri shared their hair secret, hair tips and their secret how to overcome the excessive hair styling/ hair colouring problems that can lead to unhealthy hair. Most of us in the room were beauty bloggers therefore we have the responsibility to look on point on every occasion which includes styling hair a daily necessity that indeed make hair care essential to keep our hair healthy. While styling our hair we usually use hair dryer or flat iron or hair curler which all emit heat that can be destructive for our hair making it look dull or even lead to serious problem like hair fall. So can you imagine using other shampoo that doesn't fully use natural ingredient, it can lead to even more hair problems instead of catering to the hair condition. 

Kak Kania getting her hair styled by the Beauphoria team

Beauphoria styling corner, complete with all  their varieties of curling iron 

Favourite, Tiramisu

From this event I got a hamper full of goodies from Natur Anti Hair Fall series from shampoo to after hair treatment. Now without further ado let's dig in deeper into the product review, shall we? 

Product Review 
When it comes to Natur what comes into my mind is a range of hair products that uses natural ingredients that are meant to contain natural extract to strengthen our hair and also promote that their products only contain natural and non harmful ingredients for your hair. However few years back when I tried their shampoo it has this strong herbal smell that is very overwhelming but today their latest innovation has changed their only flaw in their products in the past that is scent, now all the products smell super soothing and pleasant. Find out more about other Natur product ranges here.
(1) Shampoo, (2) Conditioner, (3) Hair Tonic, (4) Hair Serum , (5) Hair Mask [from left to right⇒]
1) Natur Natural Extract Shampoo 
Natur Natural Ginseng Extract Shampoo claim to be able to help care for the hair root strength that makes hair clean, healthy & strong. It improves the texture of hair strands and roots through bio-active compounds such as saponins, phytosterols, peptides, polysaccharides, fatty acids, polyacetylenes, vitamins, and minerals. These bio-active works continuously provide deep conditioning benefits to the hair and stimulate blood circulation in the scalp to keep hair healthy and strong.
After trying out this shampoo for a good three days continuously I can say it does make my hair feel healthier and much more voluminous maybe its due to its strengthening effect that makes my hair seems a lot healthier. As for hair-fall I'm currently not experiencing any serious hair fall problem thus I didn't see much effect on that part but yes, I do notice I have less strands of hair fall after every wash. As normal healthy hair is oke to lost almost 100 strands of hair daily, but if you're experiencing more hair fall then that's a sign of serious hair fall. So far I'm loving it, not to mentioning its scent, totally love how Natur product smell now its super soothing and calming. They really did make a good innovation in the scent!

Direction: Apply on wet hair and scalp, gently massage until it foams up. Rinse thoroughly for better results it is recommended to be used together with Natur Conditioner and Natur Hair Tonic or Nature Hair Nutrition.

 Available Sizes:
80 ml, 140 ml, 220 ml, 700 ml

2) Natur Conditioner 

This Ginseng & Olive Oil hair conditioner helps to maintain the strength of hair strands and soften hair. Making hair feeling soft, smooth, moist and easy to set up.Like how usually conditioner make your hair instantly feel lifted and smooth this conditioner too! It smells super nice too just like their Natur shampoo. Now Natur no longer has that herbal smell that tend to be too overwhelming but not they come back new. Usage Direction: Used after using Natur Natural Extract Shampoo. Available Size: 200 ml

3) Natur Natural Extract Hair Tonic 
This Natur ginseng extract hair tonic is said to be able to make the hair stay healthy and strong from the roots. Similar to the Natur ginseng extract shampoo it contain bio-active compounds such as saponins, phytosterols, peptides, polysaccharides, fatty acids, polyacetylenes, vitamins, and minerals that are meant to strengthen and nourish the hair. It also consist of natural scent that provides freshness to the hair. I personally love this one the most as it makes my hair feel super clean and healthy. It also gives that scent that I'm currently obsessed with. Upon application it makes my hair and scalp feels super fresh, knowing its benefit of strengthening my roots make me use this one religiously.

Usage Direction: Use after shampooing, shake the bottle first then spread evenly onto your scalp. Massage gently to ease blood circulation. No need to rinse your hair afterwards.

Available Size: 80 ml, 140 ml, 220 ml, 700 ml

4) Natur Hair Serum

It nourishes and maintain the strength of hair from damage caused by decorative hair treatment. Keeping hair's natural moisture and maintain the visible luminous sheen to hair. It contains natural active oil and vitamin E that nourish and maintain natural hair moisture and make hair look shiny. The vitamin E also help to prevent breakage or split ends. This Natur hair serum comes in an oil form which is usually something I would skip because my hair tend to get oily super easily and I really hate when it makes my hair look limp. However after trying out this hair serum, it dries and absorbs into my hair without making it look limp. 

Usage Direction: Rub on your hands, apply evenly on hair, avoid scalp, use comb or finger to style your hair leave it to dry and do not rinse. 
Available Size: 60 ml
Pump Bottle, easy for application
5) Hair Mask 

Natur Ginseng Extract & Olive Oil  Hair Mask is meant to nourish damage hair strands and strengthening, branches and easily broken hair keeping the hair moisturize. I tried this once and my hair completelye felt super smooth and soften afterwards. The ginseng and olive oil helps to give my hair that instant boost after all the heat and hair styling I've been abusing my hair with.  
Usage Direction: Rub in the hair after shampooing, wait 1-2 minutes then rinse. Use once a week or as needed hair. Available Sizes: 15 gr.

So have you tried this newly innovated Natur Hair care range? What do you think of it? Comment down below I'd love to read about it and see you on my next post! 

Love, Stevie 

* Products are sponsored but all the opinions and thoughts about the product reviews were my own personal honest thoughts. 

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