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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hey there :) ❤
It's been a while since I share something personal on this blog, so today I decided to share this topic with you guys "How did I start Blogging". A while ago some of you have been sending me DM and emails asking me about how to be a blogger, How to start?, How to gain confidence, why did I choose blogging? etc" the questions go on and on. Well first things first, thank you everyone who sent in their messages I do appreciate every single one of it and I know you guys can make it too! I feel super grateful that my work is able to inspire others to pursue their own dreams and being able to be the source of inspiration is a huge thing for me putting in mind that I'm still very new in this industry. Starting up wasn't easy too but yeah, I do meet the right people at the right time that helped me a lot when I first started so here I am sharing with you what learned. 

I didn't start blogging thinking it would be a job or even as a source of income. However it's no secret about the perks bloggers/ vloggers / content creator got in exchange for their work. Yes, we do earn a certain amount or more for those who've been in the industry for long but I bet everyone started not because of the perks but just because of their passion and interest in the field they're doing. 

As for myself, I've always had this idea about pouring out my thoughts into writing and sharing it to the world through my own personal platform since forever. That's why I have some failed blogs which I've wrote in my earlier teens that I didn't manage to keep up because at that time I was still young and insecure, fearing about all the bad possibilities that'll come my way if I decided to break down my walls and start showing myself to the world. Experiencing bullying in my earlier teens has indeed crushed my self-esteem and confidence making me fear how other people would think about me. Making me limit myself and in the end I end up hiding and not showing my best potential, which if I come to think about it now is totally foolish!
Yes, foolish! because you only got this one life to live and it's your life! Therefore you gotta make the call and life it right... Life the live you'd enjoy and be happy about. That's why I started blogging because I find myself comfortable with words and they seem to be my best friend especially in times when I need a friend and no one is around. Pouring out my thoughts help me understand a lot more about who I am and who I want to be. I've always dreamed that I could inspire others to be the best possible version of themselves by living a positive life. That's why I try my best to share positive content hoping that one day there are the right people who stumble across my writing and be inspired. 

You know dealing with psychological issues like bullying has never been easy for anyone. It wasn't for me but I made it through without any fights or cursing... I tried to fight those negative energies with all the positive I still got left in me every single day till it stopped. Then I realized that not the loudest or the scariest are the strongest! But those who know how to remain calm and silent in times of hardship are the strongest! Remember silent is golden.. I'm not telling you remain silent if someone tried to abuse you, you have the right to fight but for me as long as its now physical its actually won't hurt you much if you don't give the other party the power to hurt you. Cause I learnt that even if you try to explain yourself they wouldn't bother to understand so why waste your energy! Pour it into something else, something your heart beats for, something that fuels up the flame in your passion. Fight for it instead! 
So back to the topic  "How to start a Blog?"

Create your own blog
Easy, simple answer have one! Start creating your own blog a space you can pour out your thoughts. At first I started this because I wanted to share my passion and interest in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Fashion and beauty has been a great part of me, as a girl I loved playing dress up and mix and matching my outfits. As I grow older I started picking up on makeup and beauty products even though I still opt. for natural makeup look and still focus more on skincare compared to makeup. However I've also had my bad days when my skin wasn't in its best condition and I had severe acne making me search for my most suitable skincare routine to handle and tackle the problem. Luckily I found them and I'll share it on my next post. But through it I realize that there are also many people out there just like me before clueless of which skincare to try out. So I decided sharing my reviews on products through this blog. Even some of my posts are sponsored but I can guarantee that all my review are 100% honest base on my own personal experience because if I don't really try them out I wouldn't know what to write about them. So that's how I started creating this as a platform to share my thoughts and passion. Get started! Don't hesitate just do if you really feel its something you're interested about...

Be Passionate about what you do
Passion should be the reason you start, if you started just because of the perks you see or the fame you want. I think it wouldn't be possible as you need to give in a lot of effort and dedication into blogging for it to really run. As for myself I still consider myself very new in this industry but I'm super grateful and blessed for all the opportunities that has came to me. But I know its because of the hard work and persistent I've put up that brands started noticing that this girl do have something they're searching! Being in this saturated industry you can easily get lost if you don't keep your focus and know what you really want to do. Of course if you work hard all the fame and perks will come flowing your way but remember that shouldn't be your motivation! This may sound naive, yes, I agree that everyone needs money to live that's why I never considered blogging my full time job yet cause I do have my other job too! That's why juggling it in between can be super exhausting at times but even though how many sleeps I skip or free time I missed. At the end of the day I always feel rewarded once I've finished writing... It's because I'm passionate about it and being able to do it itself is already self- satisfying for me. I feel content by being able to share my passion and stories through this platform and I feel very grateful to have loyal readers too!! When I first started I didn't even dare to imagine someone would actually take time to read my writings but yes, there are people who do! Just knowing it already gives me a great sense of satisfaction and over the time I do get the little perks but I can't really say I make a lot from blogging... cause the truth is I don't ! 
Some people say if you're a fashion blogger then you'll need to buy clothes every time to keep up with trend. However to be honest to rarely keep up with trend and I'm a pretty late adapter too when it comes to trend. I enjoy the process of mix and matching my own outfits in my wardrobe into different looks and there is this one perception that really want to break: fashion needs to be expensive! I totally disagree fashion and style is about YOU as an individual and you should feel nice and confident about what you wear so that it look good on you. Sorry to say that wearing a branded from head to toe doesn't make one look expensive and that perception that you need to wear branded stuff to look stylish is also totally wrong! Of course wearing branded stuff isn't wrong and I do adore their designs too but there are people who can rock a totally unbranded outfit and still look stylish and modest. Therefore brand and its price tag is just one thing but in order to look stylish you should first know yourself and know which outfit can make you look best and brings out the best version of you. From then on you'll feel confident in what you where and you'll definitely shine in whatever you wear! So remember you don't need to wear branded from head to toe because those brands won't make you look expensive, however your attitude and your own personal style will make you look even more appealing. Well of course branded stuffs are good and there's nothing wrong about owning them but the perception about how expensive fashion should be is bothering me! So that's my answer.... 

Create quality content
 Updating your gears are also essential but I don't consider this a must! You can always learn to utilize what you already have to create a content and your content isn't determined by the type of camera/ lenses/ computer you use. Yes, they do play a huge role in creating even better content for your viewers or readers but I personally feel that essential touch as an individual that are unique is the quality that you need to explore and enhance to be able to create content that are useful for others. 

Blog Regularly
You can't expect your blog to initially gain lots of readers, you just need to keep on writing... Train yourself to blog regularly and you'll see the improvement in your writing skills as well as the performance of your blog. This is also something I'm still working on.

Continue to learn
Know that everything is evolving one day you're on top the other you're in the bottom. Life is like a wheel it keeps on rotating that's why we should always learn to improve our self. Keeping up in this industry is indeed not easy.. Some people may say bloggers / vloggers / content creator 's life are easy, but you better try it out yourself because it's not just what you see on your mobile phone's screen. What we do is far more than just what you see, it may seem just like a video/ a picture but you need to understand that there's  along process for that picture to be visible on your phone because as a content creator myself I do photography, planning and thinking of concept all by myself which makes this work isn't only a 24/7 job but you need to continuously learn and find inspirations to be able to put up quality content.

Have faith and confidence in yourself
Well, let me share my own personal perspective about this... When I first started I found a community that feels just right. Everyone is so nice and I can feel their support but over the time as I continue to improve and grow I started feeling those weird vibes around me. Yeah its there and I do notice it but I don't mind cause I know situations like those are inevitable. You'll always find people you'd love and support you throughout anything and there will always be people that are around you only when they need something from you. Over the years, I learned that you can't please everyone... even you, yourself would often feel disappointed with yourself. So how do you expect to please everyone? The answer is CANNOT... There's no way everyone will ever truly like or love you, there will be times when jealousy sparks, gossip and rumors spread, etc. Just remember this saying "the taller the tree grows the harder the wind would blow." Know that your worth isn't measured by how other people see you, You shouldn't let any of those things get in your head! Be confident about yourself and have faith that all your hard work will never go astray!

Let me tell you a brutal truth that as you go on things will not get any easier, it'll get harder cause those who appear like friends might not be the friend you thought he/she is. However no matter what never hardened yourself, be soft even though others throw pebbles on you, don't throw it back to them but gather them instead and build your kingdom with them! Another key is once you decided to show yourself online you should be prepared for all the negative thing that'll come your way! You can never control your surroundings but you can always control your own mind and your own atmosphere, create a positive atmosphere to live in surround yourself with people who uplift, empower and challenge your dreams and passions and keep on going!! Sometime even being the best version of yourself may seem wrong, you'll feel that those who were initially supportive would slowly drift away but even so don't aim less! Continue to improve yourself and grow ... cause your true supporters will always support you no matter what! Don't try to be mandatory to be everyone cup's of tea be unique, be different and be you (the best version of you) even if people hate it.

As for myself I'm grateful that I do have my inner circle, my families and a handful of friends that are supportive and always showering me with positive energy every time I need them. To them I'm very grateful cause without them nudging me that life has been wonderful and everything has been a continuous blessing from GOD made me realize I shouldn't give up. I should work even harder trying to touch even more souls and help them pursue their dreams too! Always remember no matter how great or tall you've grown stay humble and that'll take you far far away! (that's what my parents told me). 
Well that's it... I hope it answers your questions and find this post useful. If you happen to start blogging afterwards do send me your messages or drop your blog links on the comment section I would really love to read about them.. Good luck!! 

Love, Stevie 

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    Once again thank you kak stevie!!

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