My First Facial Experience at HAR Derma Solution

Monday, April 24, 2017

Hello loves, today I'm going to share about my first facial experience at Har Derma Solution. If you've have been following me on my Instagram then you might already know about my treatment that I had last week. It was indeed a very relaxing Monday and today I reminisce the good times I had at the beauty saloon. 

To be honest I'm very afraid of painful facial treatments that's why I've turned down several offers from facial treatment clinics. Besides that I also have a very sensitive skin that's why when it come to skin care concern I've always preferred a gentle approach. However when Har Derma Solution contacted me they offered a gentle treatment that doesn't require any extraction process like usual facial treatments therefore I decided to give it a shot after some consideration and hearing lots of positive reviews about this place. 
Consultation with the dermatologist before proceeding with the procedure
Upon arrival at the place the staffs are very friendly they directly asked me to fill in the registration form afterwards I'm asked to meet the doctor for some consultation regarding the my skin condition and the treatments that are suitable for my skin need. After checking it the doctor recommended me to do some comedo extraction in addition to my Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peeling) and Electhrophoresis (EP) treatment. Well these days my skin hasn't been in its best condition you might already known about it as I've shared it on my previous about it that's why the doctor recommended some extraction process to fasten the healing process for my acne but I decided to go the gentle way (on one side the other reason why I didn't do it because I fear it would be painful). 

After consultation and deciding on which treatment I'm finally doing we move on to the second floor to the treatment room. The clinic itself is very bright, homey and clean. Once I changed my outfit, the staff helped to remove and cleanse my makeup then they gives me face massage. While preparing my skin for the treatment, prior to any treatment they would make sure your skin is cleanse in order for the treatment to work at its best on your skin. 
Preparing Process
Removing Makeup / Cleansing face

Face Massage

Then the doctor took over and started my Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peeling) treatment  where it feels like something is sucking onto your skin like a vacuum. This Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peeling) is a non chemical, non- invasive procedure that uses micro-crystals probe with pressure suction. It is meant to remove the outermost layer of dry, dead cells to reveal younger and healthier skin. It also stimulate production of collagen and elastin, while enhancing V shape and face-lift. 
Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peeling) 

After Micro treatment, he moved on with the second procedure that is Electhrophoresis (EP), it is a probe with ION charges with serum application. It is said that this treatment are also used by those who want to give their skin an instant lift/ boost but is afraid of injection so they used this EP method. This EP method also increases the penetration of serum for maximal absorption and effects. 
Electhrophoresis (EP)
Application of serum and using EP to helps it absorbs into the skin better

Mask Time

Done with all my treatment they gave a me mask to soothe my skin after the treatment. Cause my skin has been breaking out the doctor told them to give a mask and serum meant for acne-prone skin, to help tackle my skin problem. The mask felt super minty and has a cooling sensation making my skin feels super fresh afterwards. Before finishing off, they applied sunscreen to protect my skin from the harmful UV Rays. 

Happy Skin = Happy Me 
Overall I really enjoyed my treatment here and all the treatment procedures are so gentle and totally painless! A great option for those who'd like to rejuvenate their skin in a gentle way... They do have lots of other treatments but mine was the Microdermabrasion  +  Electhrophoresis (EP) Package, this treatement package is suitable for sensitive and trouble skin without any harsh extraction procedure. 

 The Interior of the clinic is very spacious, bright and clean

Here are the list of outlets

Jalan Pantai Indah Utara 2 Gallery, 

Blok 8, No. EF
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia 
Ph 021 3005 1615 
Ph 021 3001 0551

SUNTER (Consultation Only)

Jalan Bisma 6, 

Blok B15, No. 02, Sunter
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia 
Ph 021 653 038 33

Jalan Mangga Raya, 

Blok Y, No. 18 C-D
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia 
Ph 021 5694 2215 
Ph 021 5694 2216

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