Why So? ( Featuring Someday OOTD)

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Being kind, Softhearted, Soft Spoken is very often misunderstood, misconception as weak, as acting out... However the question is why everyone is trying so hard to be mean...why is it considered something cool? I still can't understand this concept... Like why being mean or being part of the mean group tend to be seen as the cooler group? 
Some people may be born softhearted and soft spoken but it doesn't mean they're weak! cause not!
It take a very strong person to remain softhearted, soft spoken and kindhearted in this miserably harsh and mean world! Everyday there will be at least one person trying to drag another person down (why?😤😣😵)... It's kind of a sad that slandering gossip, cheap talk and crappy jealousy poison one's soul and another as it spreads easily like virus. I've always believed that being kind is essential even to the most nasty individual not to be seen/ act "as the kind one" but to be human. I think its the most basic essential of being human is to be kind, you don't need to like everyone or to click with everyone but to be nice and kind to another soul won't cost you a single penny, but why today's world seem to make it so expensive?  Living in this world where humility has almost been completely swiped off I think there's no need to add up another individual that is mean. It would just make this world worse by being part of it.. Instead set sail, sail away from all the crappy drama and strive to whatever your heart desires as long as you do it right, and always remember not to be mean. Competition is everywhere and its inevitable as long as we live we have to deal with the same old crap of being compared to another individual either by your closest ones or even people you love, intentionally or not everyone will hurt you. But I feel competition is not something to be avoided instead it should be something that keep up ones motivation to do and be better! and if another person seem to be well off remember what you see is not everything there's a lot of thing unseen that have made that particular person the way they are and what they achieved are all because of hard work. TO make things clear nothing good will every come easy, so if you think a particular someone progressed fast remember how much effort he/she has put in to reach his/her goals, don't just go around trying to pull the person down but instead make it as a motivation to achieve more, wouldn't it be sweet if everyone can make it to the top, being on top will be lonely that's why it good news to have everyone succeeding! Use it as a tool to improve yourself, don't ever think that things will stay the same forever as everything is evolving that's why we should always try to improve and not see competition as a threat but a motivation! So there's no need to feel depressed or threatened by competition because even if another reach a certain level ( in life, career, status, etc)  that doesn't determine a person's value. No human has the right to judge or rate another human being because as human we're all flawed and have sinned, so there's no need to compare. Just live your own life, aim high, achieve your goals and dreams, accept yourself and stay out of other people's business ( this last point seems scarce these days because everyone has become so nosy) ! Lastly stop being insecure about yourself because of what others got to say about it, cause most of the time the problem doesn't lie on you but in them. Well not because you're not good enough but its just them who can't seem to see your worth! Keep the positive spirit and Be Kind!

Top: Someday
Pants: KahulaA Fringe Stretch Denim - Someday
Bag: Mini Sling bag (my Mom's classic treasure)
Shoes: Charles and keith

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Steviie.. the sweetest and kind hearted 💋 I love this article ✨

  2. steviieee looking so lovely !

    Veronyca sufry


  3. aaa very lovely! love the soft color


  4. Pink pastel is always my favorite one~


  5. Dari artikel ci stevie yg aku dapet:
    1.Love your self and spread love to other, no matter if they are different with you. Just be nice to other.
    2.Proses adalah suatu kegiatan super, yang membuat semuanya menjadi hasil. Semua pasti bisa didapatkan melalui proses. Istilahnya hardwork always pay off.
    3.Selalu percaya diri, jgn dipikirin org yg bicara tentang diri kita yg tidak baik atau istilahnya nge-judge .Just go Girl, do everything what you want, this is your life, tapi... jgn seenaknya, masih ada dijalurnya.
    4.Positive thingking and always make people around you happy.


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