[Event Report + Review]: Avene X Galeries Lafayette

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hello loves,
Last few weeks I was invited to Eau Thermale Avene' X Galeries Lafayette event which took place at Pacific Place. I've always been curious about Avene as I've heard a lot of positive feedback about their product especially their Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water Spray therefore once they offered the invitation I was super excited for it. 
The event was made even merrier with the guest star Radhini who is also a singer-songwriter. She also became the model for the live makeup demo for sensitive skin by Jerry Pravda. During the makeup demo he shared some useful tips for daily makeup especially the eye makeup part. As for Radhini here voice was just so beautiful... Thank you Clozette ID and Avene for inviting me.   
Clozette ID crew and my blogger babes! 
My Outfit of the day, wore a white lace top and a golden ethnic print skirt paired with my orange leather bag to add a pop of colour and to match with the colour scheme of the event! 

Let's move on with the product review shall we...
I've really high hopes for these Avene products as I've heard a lot of good things about it and I can finally try it out myself. The products that I got from the event consisted of Avene Sunblock SPF 50+ Mineral , Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water Spray, Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm and Avene Micellar Lotion. I guess its safe to say that the products don't fail my expectation... Find out more about how I feel about each product down below. 

1. Avene Sunblock SPF 50+ Mineral 
It is essential to use sunblock every time you leave the house cause you wouldn't want to risk your face from the harmful UVA UVB Rays but despite that I'm the kind of girl that like to skip it hahaha.. It's because most of the time I stay indoor but there are people who said that even though we stay indoor we need to use sunblock too. So back to this product, it has non chemical ingredients in the product thus make it safe for the skin.This sunblock has been dermatological tested and very much recommended by dermatologist. One thing I like about this product is the colour that is a bit pinkish which makes a good base for your makeup as it can do a little colour correction and brighten up your skin complexion. However do mind the amount you use, cause too much can lead to some white cast( which is totally uncool). The colour of this sunblock really help to lit up my skin complexion and I love to use it as a base/ primer before my base makeup due to the colour. So its so far so good. Rate: 4/5 

2. Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water Spray
Avene Spring Water Spray is the most popular product of Avene and it's also the first product that made me look more into the brand. This water spray works like a face mist where you spray it directly to your face to gives your skin an instant refreshment and boost. This water spray makes my skin totally refresh especially on super hot and humid days. Living in a tropical country like Indonesia, this water spring can really help to cool down and refreshen up your face and makeup throughout the day.I didn't see any irritation caused by this product, therefore it officially make it up to my top face mist list.  Rate: 5/5

3. Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm
For me lip balm is totally essential even more important than my base makeup, cause on days when my skin look good and healthy I would go out skipping all my makeup routine but lip balm is a must!!  I can't skip it, because my lips tend to be super dry and chappy easily if I don't apply lip balm. That's why its super important for me and not any lip balm can work for me. As you might have known I tend to have sensitive skin which include my lips and not all lips balm that are all actually meant to nourish and moisturize the lips work for me. Some lip balm can even leave my lips feel like a burning sensation or a tingling sensation which I totally hate! That's why I've always been very selective with my lip balm and this lip balm by Avene did a good job as it doesn't give that weird sensation on my lips. However I don't even feel cool as the name of the product itself but it's indeed very nourishing and moisturizing on my lips without being to greasy. 
No more chappy lips! Rate: 4.5/5

4. Avene Micellar Lotion ( No Water Needed )
I've been a total fan of micellar water even though I still double cleanse. However cleansing my face haven't been any more easier after finding micellar water however my skin only approve specific brand as for other brands my skin tend to break out. Which I find completely strange but then a friend told me that maybe its because the micellar water I used doesn't do its job properly thus my makeup wasn't completely removed causing irritation and clogging which results in break outs. But back to this micellar water/ lotion by Avene after giving it a good try for a couple of days I think the product itself is very gentle on my skin and doesn't cause any irritation or so. Therefore I will continue to use it as I change with my usual micellar water every other day. So happy to get these in travel size which I can easily carry with me when I travel. Rate: 4.5/5

Well that's all for this post, I'll see you on my next post soon~ 

Love, Stevie 

* Products are sponsored but all the opinions and thoughts about the product reviews were my own personal honest thoughts. 

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  1. Looking good! Found the sunblock is the best so far as long we don't apply too much, rite? Gonna try em later ><

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