VASA BLÅ - Wireless Earphone

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hello everyone I'm going to share with you my current favourite earphone, as music has always been something that can instantly change the mood I think that having a good earphone is essential too as it helps to deliver the sound of music into your ear. This new earphone of mine is from Sudio Sweden called the Vasa Blå - Wireless Earphone. Sudio Sweden  is a Swedish earphone brand that has been gaining recognition for its unique designs and quality earphones. 

Usual earphones tend to bug me with its never ending tangling cables however this new Vasa Blå  solve every problem a normal earphone would have. It's wireless therefore you'll no longer need to experience the tangling cable problems and it has a long playback time up to 8 hours and a unique standby time for up to 10 days. The Sudio Vasa Blå features a cutting edge design and technology with Bluetooth 4.1 technology with multi-pairing capabilities. The design is very sophisticated, lightweight and modern. It offers and deliver a superior studio quality sound making it the perfect companion for any Bluetooth enabled device. 

What's in the box (it comes with an additional pairs of earphone buds ), user manual, Guarantee Certificate, USb cable for charging, leather pouch, clip and the Vasa Bla earphone.  
They offer 4 different colour variations: Vasa Bla BlackVasa Bla WhiteVasa Bla PinkVasa Bla Blue. Each colour is very beautiful and distinct as for myself I choose the pink one because it comes in this beautiful combination with a rose gold earbud and it's indeed become the cutest earphone I owned. 

Aside from its excellent performance as an earphone, it also comes in a super sleek and lightweight design making it very convenient to carry with you. Totally love it to bits 🖤 It delivers a super clean and smooth sound without any noise disturbance making music sound like studio alike. It's compact design is also one of my favourite feature of this earphone aside from its wireless feature and oh, it was said that this earphone can stay connected to your devices even if its 12 km apart. 

Interested? Want to get yours? Use my code "Steviiewong" and get  15% discount + 20% tax discount . They're now having this special offer for every purchase of Sudio earphone you will get a free marble case. Good news to my fellow Indonesian Sudio Sweden offer free shipping to Indonesia! So no more expensive shipping fee on top of your purchase. 


Love, Stevie 

*Sponsored by Sudio Sweden

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