Event: Pekan Raya Indonesia 2016

Friday, November 04, 2016

So today I had the chance to visit Pekan Raya Indonesia and spent my evening there after running several errands near that area and thought why not give it a try to visit the event. Pekan Raya Indonesia is being held at ICE from 20 Oct- 6 Nov which mean it'll end this coming Sunday!  So If you haven't visit don't miss out and come over to PRI (Pekan Raya Indonesia) because it really is an event worth visiting!  

They have more than 1000  bands for their music festivals, entertainment and activities , great sales and of course wide variety of culinary delicacies from all over Indonesia, big well known brands also open booths at the event too. As some of you might know I pretty much a foodie and I love to eat ! So when I heard that there will be many local delicacies and culinary booth at the event I don't think twice and just went there and to tell you a little hint I wasn't regretting my choice because the foods I bought were all very yummy ^^ If I've not mistaken there were around 1000 culinary booths at the event since they've used up the whole convention center for the event from hall 1 to 10, can you imagine how huge is that? I suggest you to wear some comfortable footwear so that you can explore without any hassle! 
Spotted lots of Charging Station at the venue, they finally realized that our generations need lots of charging stations and not to forget they offer free WIFI too at the venue!
Now let me take you to explore around 
When I arrived I was totally starving and I head straight to the culinary section at hall 10 and when I first entered this installation caught my eyes because it's big and of course seeing tons of plastic chairs stuck one over the other made me realized its actually an installation of  peacock bird. 

A huge peacock bird art display created with plastic chairs, It has even received an award by Muri for this very well done art installation.  
You can also rent and ride your own becak
Reminiscing the good old times with these traditional snacks 
Spotted Yoshinoya Food Truck

Food Trucks are also parked outside the halls 
Traditional Indonesian Games
There are even traditional Indonesian games like Congklak , Ular Tangga, Engklek, Gasing, and etc.Where visitors can enjoy playing the midst of exploring the event. I personally played congklak a lot when I was a kid. I wished I had someone to play with just now. Reminiscing the good old times when we're young and have nothing to worry accept for studies and games.    

Arcade Games for Kids
The girl is trying her luck with the arcade, but sadly she didn't get any today 
They even have a GO Cart track at the event! How cool right? PRI surely isn't your normal exhibition events.

Main Stage for Music Festival 

Cute Items spotted at Pekan Raya Indonesia
Rattan Tissue Box
Miniature Drinks
Miniature Refrigerator Decor, these are too adorable

You can find a lot of nice and affordable batik at the event too! Many great sale and promotions are given during the exhibition. You can find almost all sort of products in the event from clothing, housewares,  beauty product, fashion, electronic, etc. It's just too many to remember...  
I'm Flying!! Just kidding. There's even a trick art location inside the venue, if I've remembered it correctly its at Hall 9 
Sheriff Ranch
Its located outdoor just across hall 10 and they have horses, hens, and rabbit, you can also ride on the horses but they'll charge you for the fee.  

Tahu Goreng
Nasi Bogana
Coconut, recently I've been addicted to coconut water
Roast Sheep
Dodol in the making :) It is so fun seeing them making it in real life. If you're wondering what is dodol , Dodol is a traditional Indonesian sweet confection, made from coconut milkjaggery, and rice flour, and is sticky, thick and sweet.

I really had lots of fun today at the event! See ya on my next post soon :) 

Pekan Raya Indonesia
ICE Venue, Jl. BSD Grand Boulevard No. 1 
BSD City, Tangerang 15339 - INDONESIA 
Operational Hours:

  • Weekdays: 15.00 – 22.00
  • Weekend: 10.00 – 23.00


  • Weekdays: Rp. 25.000
  • Weekend: Rp. 35.000
Adult above 60 y.o. and Children below 3 y.o. can enter for free

Here's to the OOTD I worn today : 

I'll post my whole outfit of this look on another post, so here's a sneak peek :) 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. seru banget yaah acaranya. i wish i could come :(


    1. iy seru! many good food pretty much everything in one place :) come visit if you have time dear it opens till Sunday..

  2. Kapan ya, ada acara begini lagi? Kuingin datanggg kalo ada 😍


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