JFW 2017 PART 3.2 - So Klin X Billy Tjong

Monday, November 14, 2016

Continuing on my previous  JFW post here's the second part of the show its by Billy Tjong and his collaboration with Softener So Klin. He designed his collections based on Softerner So Klin's colours to make designs that are vibrant and flowly just liked the product. If you've missed out my previous post you can check it out here.  ❤

I love how this collection because it's filled with designs that are mainly in bold colours such as shocking pink & purple which really contrast when the models walked down the runway. Making the dresses even more appealing. Hope you enjoy my shots! 
This lace dress is so lovely and I love all the lace details
My Fav piece, isn't the colour lovely and vibrant?
Love, Stevie 

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