Event: SK-II Suminagashi Festive Party

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Last Tuesday on 1 Nov 2016 I was invited to attend SK-II  Suminagashi Festive Party which was held at Mall Taman Anggrek. On this event SK-II finally revealed their special edition SK-II Facial Treatment Essence bottle inspired by Suminagashi arts. It's this year's limited edition bottle and you can get them at a very special price during the event. This event is being held starting from 31 October until 6 November 2016.
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Special Suminagashi Edition 

Me trying to print the Suminagashi arts onto the cloth
Suminagashi  means 'floating ink' in Japanese and SK-II try to adopt the beautiful philosophy behind Suminagashi art into their FTE special edition bottle. They believed that in Suminagashi art no drop of paint are wrong and every drop and stroke are beautiful which will in the end create a unique and beautiful piece of art. Just like that Women are also unique as each of us have different uniqueness that are similar to this Suminagashi art piece which makes each of us beautiful in our own ways! 
The three beautiful Brand Ambassador of SK-II  Dominique Diyose, Anggun and  Susan Bachtiar | Picture credit: SKII_ID
With this one again !

At the event you can also do your skin check with the magic ring to know your skin condition beyond what's visible on your skin now but you can even see what's beneath and how your skin will look if not maintained properly in the future. 

 Taa Daaa.. that's my big reveal my skin age is 19 ^^ a happy news for me, cause I've always had concerns for my skin but I'm happy that it's doing pretty well. But I do still have one area which needs more attention that is the spot control, that means I'll be prone of having more dark spots on my skin if not taken care of properly. Just a little advice always put on sunblock before your make up everytime you'll go outside, why? because it will protect your skin from the hramful skin rays that may be the main cause of dark spots. 

Before I was super care-free and always opt for the simplest routine and I always skip suncream because I thought I won't need it since the bb cream I used already contain spf but I was wrong. You still need to put on sunlock prior to it because the spf on your foundation might not be enough to protect your skin perfectly. I do a seperate post reggarding my whole skin care and make up routines but now I've always made sure I've put on sunblock and moisturizer before my makeup. 

 After the talk show session with the brand ambassadors all the guest at the event were taken to experience the making of Suminagashi art and we can try to make our own art piece. Here is Susan Bachtiar making her Suminagashi art. 
Susan Bachtiar transfering her Suminagashi art into the cloth
Her Art work

Took a picture together with the beautiful ladies in the midst of game time, on my left is Cynda she became my model for Suminagashi  Makeup challenge. Thank you Sweetheart.
Aside from skin check you can also enjoy nail art section and photobooth section at  this this SK-II X Suminagashi event. After doing your skin check you can claim your free product sample too. So make sure to drop by if you're around cause this event will give you a fun experience not only exprloring and understanding your skin condition but also there are many fun activities you can enjoy. 
Meet the girls Tiffani - Michelle - Me
Nail Art Section 
Suminagashi Nail Art in Progress 
Outfit I wore to the event, It's a white on white kind of day! 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Steviiee... trus dapet hadiah SK II FTE nya donk.. ? udah kamu cobain gimana hasilnya.. ? hihi aku penasaran bgt soalnya sama SK FTE ini tapi ragu2 mau beli karena kulitku sempet jerawatan parah gara2 pake serum whitening vitamin C, jadi ada alergi vitamin C, mesti ati2 beli skincare takutnya ga cocok padahal udah mahal2 :( huhu...

    1. Hello Kak Inka, Wah thank you for dropping by my blog ya :) Kmrn dpt face masknya aj ga dpt FTE hahahhaa, FTE aku jg blm pernah cba sih kak, cuma baca" review bnyk yg blng bagus. Kulit aku jg sensitive makanya blm cbain jg bru terakhir pake cosrx bnr" effective sih di aku. Try Cosrx deh kak, check this link on the review I've written http://stevie-wong.blogspot.co.id/2016/10/product-review-cosrx-one-step-pimple.html

    2. ooohh dapet Face Masknya ajaah hahaha kirain satu org dapet satu Botol FTE :))) hahah asik bener itu maah hihi.. iyaaah nih lagi hits banget yah si Cosrx inih aku nyari si Centella Blemish Cream keabisan meluluu.. hihi oke aku intip2 deh reviewnya makasih infonya yaaa :*

    3. Aku juga mau klo satu orng satu FTE hahahhaa... Cbain yg one step pimple padnya cosrx d kak so good! My ultimate fav, aku cocok pake itu :) Welcome kak, thanks for dropping by my blog too! :*

  2. May I know did you bring home your suminagashi scarf? Isn't it wet when you marble it?


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