Irwan Team Hair Design Review

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Been wanting to get a haircut since a few months ago but didn't have time for it till last Monday.  I finally got a haircut! After months of unorganized hair now my hair in finally back in shapeπŸŽ”. If you've been following me on my Insta-stories and snapchat you'll most probably know how my hair turned out, but if you missed it, dont worry let me take you along with me on my haircut journey at the newly opened Irwan Team Hair Design  at PIK Avenu Mall. Let's get started~
The salon itself is pretty spacious they have 2 floors, one floor is for the normal haircut, styling, hair wash, colouring and perming, all the basic hair treatment, etc. While the second floor is for the special KΓ©rastase hair treatment, in order to give customers privacy and a relaxing "me" time.  The interior itself is very cozy and the staffs are very friendly and attentive too, they make sure you're comfortable by offering you drinks, magazines and making sure you're settled in with the hair stylist. 
I was running late on that day for my haircut session so I decided to tie my hair up on a high ponytail. I really feel like I'm back in school with this kind of hairstyle, can't blame me that I haven't changed much since high school as I'm blessed looking younger than my actual age😏. ( Tips: if you're in a rush just tie your hair it'll make your face look more fresh and neat
Irwan Team Hair Design at PIK Avenue has in-store promotion Disc 20% off all salon treatment*
Here's the pricelist for some of the treatment 
So taaa daaa~ here's my original hair without any curling, my hair is naturally very straight and thick making it super hard to maintain cause if I don't style them they tend to be super unorganized and may look very messy. Due to my busy schedules and unbalanced lifestyle (lack of sleep, stress, etc ) recently my hair has been falling a lot and I've decided to chop it off and make it shorter. So that my hair won't be too stressed with it being overly thick, cause I feel due to my unbalanced lifestyle my scalp has been producing more oil compared to normally making it unhealthy for my hair growth thus making them fall :( Therefore I've made up my mind to chop of the ends of my hair that are very much damaged and make them shorter.
 Before proceeding with hair cut I was lea to the washing room but prior to that the staff analyze my scalp to help me find the right shampoo for my hair condition. 

It's Shampoo Time
This is how the washing room looks like, it's very comfy and you can really enjoy your time while you get your hair washed and also massaged to loosen up your tension.
They asked me whether I prefer warm or cold water and I chose the warm one, no reason just feel like it. Before washing  I told him about the condition of my hair and he gave me shampoo that is intended to help tackle hair-fall by Kerastase.
All the shampoos used were by Kerastase
Hair Cut 
I told my hair stylish Kak Vivi about the haircut I wanted, I told her I wanted to chop off all the damaged hair and cut it shorter to the mid-length or as long as my shoulder. Then she approves my idea and begin cutting. I always had this thing when it comes to haircut, I'm always in the dilemma of keeping my hair long and just get it shaped or cut it shorter but every time I landed up in a salon I always when for the second option. 
So it's no difference this time, but I don't regret my decision cause I just feel my hair need to improve and grow healthier first in order to keep it long and the easiest way to help my hair-fall problem is to chop it shorter, to give less pressure on my roots. My hair stylist even gave me some layers to add texture and volume to my hair. 
Chop, Chop, Chop πŸ’‡πŸ’‡πŸ’‡
Done, I think around 8-10 cm of my hairs are being chopped of. Feeling super light and I like it! 
Hair Styling
After completing my haircut another stylist came in to style my hair as I've requested them to help me create a wavy curls to add some texture and volume to my hair. Eventhough I had no other plans after it, but I just love to look good because it makes me feel good! Looking good, dressing up, having a good hair day are just some of the little things that make me happy and can really boost my mood. 
I love how he styled my hair, his technique was just so different from how I usually do my curls and the curls are just so natural and wavy! My hair stylist called this hair style as beach waves. I should have most probably went to the beach right after it ya ? hahahaha 

After Haircut - Final Results
πŸ’›With my super cute and friendly Hair stylist -  Kak Vivi ( Apparently both of us have bangs #Teambangs 😊)
Strike a pose and Smile cause it's good hair day! 
Totally in love with the results and styling πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’—
Wish my hair could be like this everyday! I'm very satisfied with the service at Irwan Team Hair Design, PIK Avenue Mall. Once again congrats on your newly opened store and wish ya the best of  luck! Since I came with my other fellow blogger babes ( Michelle, Stella and Vina) and seeing each hair dresser perform their tasks made me realize that they're all very professional and skilled. If you're needing a hair cut drop over to their store cause they're now having special in store promotions, so don't miss out!  Lastly, I'd like to thank both Clozette ID and rwan Team Hair Design for sponsoring my haircut. Thank you for having me ❤ 

What do you think of my final look?  Don't forget to check out @Irwanteamhairdesign for more updates and in-store promotions.

Love, Stevie 

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