JFW 2017 Part 3.1 - GIV x Albert Yanuar

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I'm back with another JFW report and this is going to be about JFW Day 3 and I've broken up this one shows into 3 different post because on this show there are three different designers showcasing their designs and I took too much pictures for each designer's collection and it wouldn't do justice if I put them all together in one post then you'll be bored with images! 
So on this year's JFW GIV is the official body wash partner of JFW and they have collaborated with Albert Yanuar to create a collection inspired by the beauty of the GIV new body wash packaging. This collection is very feminine with beautiful floral details on the dresses with a touch of pink, red, blue, purple and white hues making the whole collection very mesmerizing. I very very stunned by all the dresses and I love how her incorporated Chongsam to his collection.    

My favourite piece!At first she walked down wearing a one piece dress but in the middle of the runway she opened her skirt and made as an outer wear. Very Impressive and Dominique Diyose really nailed the runway!

The designer Albert Yanuar

If you've missed out my previous JFW post you can check them out here for Day 2 and here for Richard Malone's show. That's all for now hope you enjoyed this post, two more post on this show are coming soon, Can you guess which designers are they? 

Love, Stevie 

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