The Monochromatic Fun

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Hello There, I'm back with another post and this time its an outfit post.. If you've been reading my blog all along you might have noticed I rarely post on my outfit and fashion related post cause lately it has been mostly about events, product review and beauty. Well that is unavoidable because those are the things that have been happening in my life for the past few weeks, it was actually a very fun experience meeting new people and attending product launching, events and etc.

I present you "The Monochromatic Fun"

 I will try to post more fashion and outfit related post for your fashion inspirations:)  If you are eager and enthusiast about fashion and beauty you can always visit my my other blog

Fedora Hat- Gowigasa , Top- Unbranded, Bag- Charles Keith, Shoes- Herspot 
 Shorts- Old denim pants that I've chopped of to make shorts,

She was a fragile and vulnerable little girl 👧🏻trying to figure things out but without her knowing she has grown so far from where she was and now she's a portrait of her dedication, perseverance and hustle. she's not her past nor her future, she's her present🎁! She no longer gives weight to others opinion to dictate her life anymore🙅🏻, all she knows is to be good and do good to everyone even if the rest aren't doing so because living isn't about being similar to the world but to be different and to make a difference❤️️. Show compassion, love and hope even when it seems hopeless. 
There are even times you'll catch her stare blankly, wondering what's on her mind but don't even question because she might surprise you with her answers. She's a complicated mind made of pixie dusts who still love to fall deep into her own whimsical world🍭

Love, Stevie 

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