[Event]: Saturday With OLX - It's time to let go!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Last Saturday I was invited by OLX event at Branche for talkshow, brunch and gathering. Around 25 beutiful bloggers gathered at the event and we werer givent the knowledge of the importance to "let go and it's impact on our personal life". The theme of the day was #SaturdayWithOlx where we gain more insigths on the importance of letting go.
The event was hosted by Sazqueen and there is the representative of OLX and a psychologist Nadya Pramesrani who explained in detail why woman has more problem when it comes to letting go compared to man. Nadya Pramesrani said the woman has a stronger and deeper emotional connections to things thats why we woman have more problems when it come to letting go of things or even past relationships? (Anyone feeling so? I personally find it very relatable) and the interesting thing I learned is that the keeping habit is actually genetic! So if your parents are a keeper and they tend to store up things even if they're rarely used or were just left in the storage they just can't seem to throw them out or give them away then you're most probably will have the same issue. The question is why? because most people always come out with a what if situations, let say if one day we'll be needing it so we store it up first for those what if times but the truth is you never actually know if that what ifs situation will really come, or even if it does come will you be needing it?
At the talkshow some shared their personal experience in trading their pre-loved goods and one shared a very touching story. So she got a baby stroller which is no longer being used cause her baby no longer needs it but her husband is opposing her to sell it off. The reason is because he kind grown attached emotionally with the stroller because he took so much effort to find this perfect stroller that is comfortable for his height as he's physically tall. But the wife insisted of selling it off on OLX and finally met this one lady who's actually searching for a second hand stroller because she has some problem during her delivery process which made her need to do c-section which they've not prepared any other budget if they need to get a new stroller. So she felt very happy once she made the deal and got that stroller. The moral of the story is what you have kept in your storage and all the additional goods may just be the exact same goods someone else need. So let it go and let the good find a new home.   
After meals and in between the event we can enjoy a relaxing time with hand, back and feet massage by Martha Tilaar.
 In frame Kak Kania and Jessica getting their feet massage. 
WIth Tiffie ❤
OLX want to be a media where people can trade away their beloved pre-loved things on their platform to help the seller meet with the right customers who would really cherish the goods. OLX want to create a new mindset of pre-loved selling they don't want the seller to be those who seek profit because they believe if you're searching for profit you can find it in the market place by selling directly to customers. OLX want their selling platform to be able to help the seller give away their goods to the right customers who will really cherish the goods. When we talk about OLX we usually link it to a selling platform where only meant for man but actually not! In OLX we can trade everything from beauty, fashion , housewares even to gadgets, etc and almost everything can be found there.
By far the cutest gift I received from event. It's a caricature of me, totally love this illustration pin.❤❤❤
What I Wore

To find out more about that you can check it out here.  Btw you can check out my account too here.

Have you experience difficulty of letting go? Let it be things, relationship, emotions or past? Sometimes holding on isn't the key we should let go to let better things come in, that applies for all. I have a confession to make, I'm pretty much a keeper myself because I like to imagine on the what ifs situation and other aspects that made me keep holding on. But I think as this year is coming to an end soon, I should also start letting go of those things I rarely used wither giving it away to those in need or selling it off as for psychological matters like emotions, heartbreaks, etc I think I should learn to make peace with it and start moving forward! The past may have caused some serious trust issues which I'm still learning to let go but instead I decide to make it as a bitter lesson learnt. I also love o pile up things that I rare use and as girls everyone would know what it is - clothes, I think my closet is getting super cramped and I'll need to make space in order for new things to get in, So I've decided by the end of this year I'll sort them all out and start selling my pre-loved clothes at OLX so make sure you check my account cause they'll be at a very affordable price.
Being chosen as one of the winners for the on event contest! 
Lucky me I won another voucher in addition to the Martha Tilaar vouchers that are given to all the guests. P.s. It's a full body spa treatment, a very much needed treatment to relax!  
Meals of the Day
Appetizer -  Mushroom Soup 
Main Course - Hainan Chicken Rice ( Despite its visual, it taste pretty good!)
Dessert - Panna Cotta
Meet my fellow Blogger Babes :)
Goodies from the Event
That's all for now, I hope you enjoy reading this post and it can help open your perspective that when it's time to let go, you should just let go! Have a great day everyone!

Love, Stevie 

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