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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Today I'm gonna share an outfit post together with something different from my usual post, it's about my life updates and just some random thoughts that pop into my head after being surrounded by so many bizarre news recently (you can most probably guess what I am referring to? ). Can't say that this month has been quite cause nope, it's even close from it! 

There were a lot of things happening around me whether its life, work or even society everything seems to be moving super fast yet surprising. Last month, I thought that it was going to be my busiest month of the year, but that thought perish once November starts cause nothing stops, everything seems to accelerate and I can't stop the speed all I can do is run even harder... Because I know if challenges and opportunities knock on your door you're not suppose to reject them but you should give it your all.

So this month I've sign up for a new project that push me out of my comfort zone. If you ask the me few years back to sign up for this kind of project, I would have probably rejected it without thinking twice cause the me few years back was a girl who's lost wondering where she belong and what she truly want to do. She felt so small that her voices wouldn't matter because all she heard was other people's opinion and perception about her, crushing her every ounce of confidence and self-esteem. Short story long she found her way back, up unto the surface after drowning so long in her negative thoughts and now she's back stronger and fearless. Before I'm a girl who would make sure everything is perfectly planned and nothing goes wrong but now I've learned to just enjoy the journey and swim in the flow joyfully. So even though if the path I chose would lead me to a rough or difficult path I can still learn to grow and enjoy the journey.

After actively blogging from couple months now, I've realized that my days have been far busier than ever! So juggling life in between is pretty hectic but I really enjoy this journey, I found a community of friends that are all so sweet and welcoming. Through blogging I can, not only express myself through writings which I'm always better at compared to talking but I am also blessed with opportunities to meet a lot of like minded people who are all very inspiring and empowering. It's always a beautiful view to see a room filled with beautiful ladies who are there to inspire each other and spread positive vibes instead of being all competitive.

I learned that in this life we're never in  competition with anyone, no one should ever make you doubt yourself cause no one is a better you than you. So always learn to strive for the best version of you and never think that you're in a competition with anyone cause the truth is we're all in our own race and no one is against you except yourself. So instead of fighting one another we should all learn to embrace, cherish and love one another and the only one we should fight is ourselves- ego, anger, pride, etc. Throw away all those emotions that doesn't add value to our life and learn to look on the bright side and always be positive because I believe if we have a positive mindset it'll shine out of us and inspire those around us cause you never know someone out there may need your story to inspire them.   

Lastly I've opened up my YouTube channel so make sure you're subscribed to it, to know once I've updated some new videos. I'll try my best to create contents that are useful and fun for you guys to watch so stay tune~

Love, Stevie 

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