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Saturday, December 02, 2017

Hello loves, 
How have you been? 
Today I'm going to share with you guys a little about the last event I had with Beauty Journal and Dove. It was a very warm and close knitted evening spend together as we all know each other so its just like a bonding session with friends. This event is by far the event with the most activity but I don't really mind since it was fun and inspiring. So without further ado let's begin with the event recap. 
The event begin after our chief editor of Beauty Journal said her opening speech and we began preparing for the various fun activities prepared for us.  During this event we are all divided into four different groups and each group will move together to perform the activity at each check point. I  am so happy that my team weren't;t the ambitious one, we are more of the chill and happy go lucky team. Our team focuses on having fun and seizing the moment! 
Checkpoint 1
"From Comment To Compliment" 

So on the first activity we're all asked to turn comment into compliment. It's actually an activity that is so relatable as our job is so close with social medias and comments. We got comments on everything and everywhere and our Job is bound to it. We're stick to it days and nights but sometimes  we often got hurtful comments that can actually bring down our mood. People these days feel its okay to say hurtful or hateful words just because we choose to show ourselves on public. However they shouldn't forget that even public figures are human and no human are supposed to make another feel bad about themselves. Writing hurtful comments or hate comments trying to bring another person down would say a lot more about the person who said it compared to the person that receives it!  So even though you hide behind your monitor, screens or keyboards just know that another human is actually on the other side of the screen reading all your stupid comment! So let us all be a decent human that know how to filter our words and mind our language. During this activity I was actually pretty shocked with the comment scenarios given to us cause for me some of them are pretty rude, mean and savage. Thus making it even more hilarious for us to response and turn it into a positive compliment ! Truly the most fun part of the whole activity 
Meet my team leader!
Checkpoint 2 
"How To Me Time"
During the second activity we gained more insight about the product varieties of Dove Body wash. They have recently launched three new varieties of body wash: Go Fresh Cool Moisture Body Wash, Go Revive Body Wash and Deep Moisture Body Wash and one soap bar. Then we're asked to share about our personal fave me time, for me personally I have a lot of fave me time. Me time for me is something that helps me recharge myself! My ultimate fav is sleeping, watching K-dramas and taking a warm shower after a long day. Taking a long shower indeed melt away all the tiredness ! Apparently sleeping is the most popular me time in my team... Well we're just ladies that loves to sleep!  
Before moving on to the last activities we are asked to try out the snacks prepared for us. Everything is so good, especially the miso tofu! I literally had tons of it :p It's too good, can't help it. 

Checkpoint 3
"Through the Ages"
Now for the last checkpoint we're asked to share about the inspirational woman in the portrait that has passed down their life inspiration from generations to generations with their life and work. So each group has to represent the character on the portrait and share about the woman that according to us is similar to the individual in today's world. My group got Rasuna Said, so she is an Indonesian woman leader that fights for the rights of equality between man and woman in workplaces during her time.  Well today we chose our Minister of Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti who is also a proven successful entrepreneur. Today she is the living proof that female can be equal good in their job as man and she has shown outstanding achievements in there career through determination and discipline. As each group are asked to send out one member to represent the group, I was honored to be the one representing my group. I did messed up a bit but I think I pulled it off safely, so thank you to be dearest and supportive teammates !! 
Guess that's all for this post, I hope you enjoy this post and find some helpful tips & tricks and positive kicks!  If you want to find out more about all the fun activities during this event do kindly watch my vlog below. 
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Love, Stevie 

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