Shinzui Ume Body Mist Launching

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Hello loves, 
Welcome back to my blog, do you miss me? hahaha so today I have a very exciting post to share with you guys. Its about the launching of Shinzui's new body mist product Shinzu'i Ume Body Mists. The event took place at 3 Wise Monkey Restaurant that is a Japanese restaurant which serves us a whole lot of yummy food throughout the event. 

If we talk about Shinzui we'll most probably think of their body wash but now Shinzu'i has this line for body mists called the Ume Body Mists which comes in four variants that is personalized based on different young ladies personalities. Each body mist has their own characteristic of distinctive scent.  
Shinzu'i Ume Body Mists actually will launch two more different scent in addition to all the four body mists which was launched earlier this week at the event. 

This Ume Body Mists are meant to cater to teens and young adults segment that are very active and in need of body mists to freshen up their look throughout the day. All the scents are pretty fresh and some are sweet too. During the event we're given a little insight about the product details and the ingredients in the body mists. Just like perfumes, body mists also have three tier of scent which we explained clearly at the event and you can find out more about this at the end of this post. You'll have the whole information regarding each body mists scent and how I feel about the scent below. During the event our dear friend Miharu Julie also shared about her personal story as a blogger or vlogger and how to be one. She also shared her little tips and tricks about maintaining her blog and social medias. Being an influencer she said that it's very important to be consistent in our work.  
After lunch we move on to the next agenda which was Clutch making workshop! I'm super duper excited for this workshop because I've never made any DIY clutch before. This workshop session is so thrilling as I'm a lover of arts and crafts. At first I thought w'how can we make our own clutch?' Well its actually a lot easier compared to how I thought it would be.. Looking at how the mentor explaining about the steps, she makes it seem so easy but when putting it into action it was kind of a challenge to actually make a hole using the nail and then assembling the screw to secure everything. 
So no sewing is needed only a nail and the screws to help hold the clutch together. After finishing with the clutch we're then asked to decorate it with the accessories prepared. This transparent clutch I made turned out even better compared to how I imagine it would be at first after trying to make a hole with the nail. 
This is the final look of my DIY clutch! It fits all the Shinzui Ume Body Mist in it :) self pat you made it ! So happy
Scrumptious Food. Food was amazing!! Totally love everything served... I'm one happy girl with a happy tummy.. We've been eating on stop from the start throughout the event ;D hahaha
Now let's talk more about the the Ume Body Mists products, Each product has a distinctive scent to it  which you can find out more about the scent keynotes in the scent tier below on each scent. The four Ume body mists variation are Iseiya, Hatsune, Keiko, and Ayumi. All has a Japanese name as Shinzui itself is a Japanese skincare brand and cause they aim to cater to young girls the name also resonates to it. I love that all the scent has a fresh scent to it which instantly makes one feel and look fresher after every use of the body mists. 





In terms of packaging the size of each Shinzu'i Ume Body Mists are 100 ml and they come in a cute bottle like container. The size is travel friendly and it can easily fit n any of your handbags or bags (psst... It even fit in my DIY clutch ). The packaging is designed with a Japanese girl in her Yukata which is a traditional clothing in Japan. The cap of the packaging is the face of a cute girl :) Overall I have no complain over the cuteness of this product. It's definite super cute and of course very Instagramable and chic. Well I'm a lover of anything cute so upon seeing this it totally please my eyes and aesthetic needs ! So once you open the cap you'll have the body mist spray and it will easily enable you to use the body mist hustle free. 
Where to Purchase?
All the Shinzu'i Ume Body Mists can be easily purchased or found at any supermarket ( Carrefour, Giant, etc..)  or minimarts (Indomart, Alfamart, etc.) The cost of each Shinzu'i Ume Body Mists re also very affordable and can be considered relatively cheap at Rp. 17.000  for 100 ml of Ume body mists. 

I personally is more into perfumes instead of body mist but to start off actually I'm not a scent kind of person because usually strong scent either from perfumes or body mists will cause me nauseous. That's why I'm rarely into scented spray however I like the freshness from this Shinzu'i Ume Body Mist and it  doesn't have the scent that bores me or cause me nausea. Totally fell for the cuteness of the packaging, even after you've finished your bottle you can still save the bottle as a props for photo session or just as a sweet little ornaments at your home.. Especially for us living in hot, humid tropical country like Indonesia we'll be needing body mist to keep ourselves fresh the whole day!   
Here are the two of my fave scent! Iseiya and Hatsune ❤ Contemplating hard which of the two is my ultimate fav.. but I love both these scent, so fresh and just so nice.. 
Overall I had a blast at the Shinzu'i Ume Body Mist launching event ! Thank you so much for having me at the soft launching event, can't wait for the two new upcoming body mists scent which will launch soon.. Thank you for reading, I'll see you on the next one ! 

Love, Stevie 

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