[Event + Review]: MAD For LipStick #BreaktheStandard

Friday, December 01, 2017

Hello Sunshine! Hope your day is bright and your mood doesn't gotten under the weather... Today I have a new event recap and a little review and swatch post about a local lipstick brand that is no longer new but has recently revamped their brand.
I'm truly impressed and inspired by their new concept and branding. Their value and message is so deep that it can actually resonate to us, ladies living in today's busy hustling city life. We are often portrayed as beauty and thats it ! However we ladies, female has a voice we want to share, we have a goal we want to pursue, we are just all capable of doing great things and we're definitely not just beautiful. I do agree that every woman is beautiful in their own way and there isn't any proper standard to define beauty no matter your size, color or shape! Each of us are unique and that's what makes you, YOU!
During the launching event of MAD For LipStick #BreaktheStandard which was hosted at The Dutch cafe last week, we gained better insight not only about MFL newest products but also about their latest campaign! It was so inspiring to hear stories from all the muses of MFL who shared their personal stories of being a representative of woman living in today's busy world and how they cope up with life and their inspiring life stories. It was truly an eye opener to hear inspiring stories as it broadens up our thoughts and make us feel inspired. (well at least that's how I felt). To be honest when I first started blogging and content creating everything starts because of a simple hobby and passion of mine. Despite that I thought to myself why I wanted to so what I do the answer goes down to one which is " I wanted to live a life that inspires other and to impact people positively!" that has always been in my vision and mission since the beginning and I do know that its still a long process but I believe if one does something wholeheartedly eventually you'll see results.
Therefore when I heard all the inspiring stories each of it enlightens me and showed me how each of us can actually be a change for many people and be a figure to actually voice out our thoughts and not just sit back and say nothing! These days we female are equal as man that's why all our voices matter,  but make sure your voice actually benefit and uplift others and not the other way round.
The inspirational ladies ! Thank you for sharing your bits of life stories with us. 
Moving on with the event we also had a beauty skin workshop session with Surface skin which are one of the sponsors for this MFL event. They shared about the various skin concern people like us living in big cities are experiencing. They also shared a lot of skin wellness insights throughout the event.          
The representative from Surface Skin
After completing our workshop and sharing session, our lunch is served. I had some fried rice and Poffertjes. Everything was so yummy but the portion is way too big for me hahaha, can't finish them all :'\ While lunch is taking place there was also a lucky draw session from Panorama Tour to get free trip to Singapore. Overall I had a blast at this event :) Thank you MAD For Lipstick for inviting... 
The newest shades from Mad For Lipstick, this collection comes in 6 new varieties of shades.
Swatches of all the newest shades 
Now let's move on to my little review and swatch of lipsticks I got from the goodies:) I know this is the most anticipated part of them all right? Matte lip cream has been a trend for a couple years now and this trend is still going strong thus making many local beauty company manufacturing them and as MAD has established their business in lip cream from quite sometime now they finally launch their second collection. Personally their second collection which is also the newest collection has a more nude and wearable shades compared to their previous collection which are more vibrant. 
Here are the lipsticks I got from the goodies 2 shades from the previous collection and 2 from the latest collection. Which packaging do you prefer more the old ones (left) or new ones (right)? I personally love the new ones better!
Spot those ripped off tapes? Those are all hand ripped to help delivery the brand concept that every woman is #MoreThanBeauty and to #BreakTheStandard that every woman should be same to be beautiful by following the usual basic beauty stereotyping. MFL wanted to voice their message that every woman is beautiful despite their differences and we ladies are #MoreThanBeauty, we have even more to offer the world aside from beauty !!




Swatches ( Top to bottom): Desire, Sweet Violet, Charm, Allure 
The new packaging is so sleek and modern in silver:)
The latest matte lip cream collection from MFL, they are more nude compared to their first collection but this collection is definitely those shades you can wear every single day. In frame:  Charm &Allure 


This MFL matte lip cream claims to be long lasting, anti smudge, and comes with a UV protection and Vitamin E that nourishes the lips. They also claim that it is very pigmented and one swipe would last a whole day. Well the reality is this product indeed is very easy to apply, the applicator is very convenient and formula wise its also so creamy but not heavy on the lips. The formula makes my lips kinda look fuller and the plus point is even though it has a matte finish it doesn't feel dry or look cracky on the lips. Totally loving the hint of stain that this lipstick leaves on my lips even after the product is gone. My favorite shade is Charm as it comes in a sweet coral pink color that is perfect for everyday use. The long lasting power might not be as strong as those in vivid and vibrant color but they still fade beautifully and not look patchy on the lips.  

Get your MAD For Lipstick through Sociolla, make sure to use my code "SBNLAHWU" to get Rp 50.000 off your purchase with a minimum purchase of Rp. 250.000.
Thank you for reading, I hope you find this post inspiring and empowering. 

Love, Stevie 

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