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Friday, December 29, 2017

Hello loves, 
You're not bored of my events report right? cause I have many more event reports to come... December has been a full event marathon right before holidays. Thus today I'm back with my Beauty Journal X Blink Charm event report. Actually prior to this event I had the chance to collaborate and work with Blink Charm for one of their commercial shoots and I'm truly happy with their products. I'm a fan of curled and voluminous lashes which makes false lashes essentials on my daily makeup look to make eyes look more open and popping. False lashes do change the whole eye makeup game a lot however finding the right and comfortable false lashes that gives you the dramatic look is somehow challenging. 
Before I've tried many false lashes brands and not all are comfortable on the eyes, some may even feel heavy which in the end make your eyes look droopy:( So the key is to find a lightweight falsies that is comfortable on the eyes and Blink Charm is definitely one of them! Ever since I've tried Blink Charm, they have made it to my top falsies favorite. Now back to the event, So on this event Blink Charm launch their latest and newest lash collection that is their lower lashes collection.
As usual the event begins with the opening speech from our Beauty Journal editor in chief, Mira Monika as she shared some of her insights regarding false lashes and how it change the whole eye makeup instantly. Afterwards the representative from Blink Charm also shared their whole brand background and why they decided to launch the lower lashes series after being in the lash industry for years. They've heard many feedbacks from the customers that lower lashes tend to be difficult to apply and need to be cut in order for it to look good and comfortable on the eyes thus Blink Charm came in with their latest product which is their lower lashes series to be the answers to the market demand for a highly effective and easy application lower lashes. 
Babes :) Looking so color coordinate in shades of orange and white.
As the event progressed the makeup artist of the day showed us how effective and easy it is to apply Blink Charm lashes. Especially for lower lashes she shared that some lower lashes tend to curl upwards which in the end spoil the whole makeup look but she said after trying out Blink Charm's Lower lashes it was so good and easy to apply. The lower lashes also hold its curl and doesn't curled upwards... She recommended us to use the tweezer for the Lower lash application to make it easier to apply. Lower lash by Blink Charm also instantly create a lower liner illusion thus you don't have to tightline your lower water line anymore if you use this Blink Charm lashes.  
Can you spot the difference between both the eyes ? One is with the whole upper and lower lashes applied and the other one is still bare.. ↑↑↑
Moving on to the next session of the event is the games session, so each of us are divided into group of two where we have to pick one of the three models from the pictures below to replicate their makeup look onto our look as we incorporate Blink Charm's false lashes.. It was very thrilling experience as we have to apply our own top lashes within 5 minutes then apply the lower lashes of our partner within a smilier time frame. Personally I have never put on false lashes on another person and in addition it is the lower lash something I'm very new with.. So it was challenging but fun! 

Guess who's my partner? Yeah.. This girl again, its not even planned but the team paired us together!! I'm beyond grateful to have her as my teammates in everything I do.. Well now we have to draw one name from the fishbowl to see whose makeup we have to recreate and luckily we picked up Song Eye Kyo's makeup which is Korean look and is something both of us are fond off.. So its kind of a huge relieve for us.. 
All the three different models we have to create based on our lucky pick. 
Using the giving lashes and makeup choices we're asked to recreate the look we picked so both of us decided to use Sweet Classic 6 for the upper lash and Flirty Fine 1 for the lower lash in attempt to create a natural Korean look just like Song Hye Kyo..  Her beauty is so divine!  
So this is our final look? what do you think? Both of us felt kinda weird to apply lower lashes but on pictures apparently it looked pretty good ❤
A box of galore, I want everything in it :) 
You can now purchase Blink Charm newest lower lash product through Sociolla and don't forget to quote "SBNLAHWU" before checking out to save 50k for min 250k purchases. Happy Shopping! Enjoy a charming duos with lower lashes too :)
Here are two of their lower lashes products and I really can't wait to practice on the application of lower lashes... 
My beloved crews of the day! Thank you for having me :)

Love, Stevie 

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