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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hello loves, 
Have you ever experienced laziness or difficulties to get your eye makeup off? It's truly challenging to cleanse off our face after a long day especially when it comes to eye makeup because eye makeup tends to stay longer due to their smudge proof, water proof formula thus making it even more difficult to remove them. 
Now there is this new product launched recently from Corine De Farme, Corine De Frame Micellar Eye Make-up Remover! I was invited to their launching event a few weeks ago together with Beauty Journal. In this post I'll take you on the journey with me back to the launching event and let's begin shall we?  
Corine De Frame Micellar Eye Make-up Remove is hypoallergenic and each product contains 100 ml which makes it travel friendly. The product doesn't contain any fragrance or additional perfume cause this product is meant to be used on sensitive areas around the eyes. The main ingredients of this product is from cornflower extract which can also help to nourish and strengthen your own lashes.
The event began with an opening greeting from our Beauty Journal editor in chief, Mira Monika and the representative from Corine De Farme. Sharing a little bit on the product details from this new  Corine de Farme Micellar Eye Make-up Remover, this eye makeup remover has a micellar technology in it which makes it efficient to remove waterproof eye makeup. The product is also suitable for sensitive eyes and is also tested by ophthalmologist. Most eye makeup remover can make your eyes feel irritated especially for those wearing contact lenses but this product is said to be suitable even for contact lenses wearer (an additional point why I'm super excited about this product cause as a contact lens users usually eye makeup remover tend to sting or irritate my eyes if I'm still wearing contact lenses). 

Thinking of all the benefits of this product it would be great to test it out yourself. I personally have tried it at the event and was so thrilled to see the effectiveness of this eye makeup remover. It instantly wiped off and cleanse off all the makeup even without me rubbing too hard, just a gentle wipe can already remove all the makeup. The product itself is a solution with two different layers of solution one is the blue oil and the lower part is the transparent part and its always recommended to shake them well so that you'll get both the solution when you're removing your makeup to increase the effectiveness of the product.
Tyna Kanna Mirdad as the guest star for this event! 
Moving on to the next session we're all divided into different groups which are all supposed to do this fun activity together: Face Painting! Well its been years since I've played with paints and I'm so happy to be in the same group as Kak Tyna cause I've been her secret admirer for long! She's just so beautiful and so bubbly, I love her smile the most. Okay, moving back to the face painting competition we're all given an example of how to do a basic face painting. Before starting with the face painting session all the beauty influencers shared some tips on how they like to remove their eye makeup, Kak Tyna told us that she preferred to flip the cotton pad into half to remove the eyeliner which are used on the sightline/ waterline while Kak Lyla shared her tips to remove eye makeup by leaving the cotton pad soaked with eye makeup remover on the eyes for a while before removing the makeup to make all the makeup to remove easier.

Our team hustling hard trying to finish our face painting. Our team theme was beauty from the death, Brancy was our teams creative director and I was in charge to fill in the colors. Our team was super creative that we started to do not only the face painting but a whole package from hairdo to outfit. We transform our model fully from head to toe!      
My complete Team no. 1
Ta-daaa This our group creation :) Major love !
Here are all the groups creation, which one is your favorite? 
After doing the face painting challenge each team are challenged to do the makeup removing challenge with the newest product from Corine De Farme that is their Micellar Eye Make-up Remover. In less than 3 minutes all the team managed to remove the eye makeup easily. No hard rubbing is even required to get all the makeup and face paint to cleanse off. This Corine De Farme Micellar Eye Make-up Remover is indeed very powerful!   

Thank you for having me at this event Beauty Journal and Corine De Farme! If you're interested to purchase and try out this new Corine de Farme Micellar Eye Make-up Remover product you can get them at Watsons, Guardian, Sociolla and other stores at the price Rp115.000. If you're planning to get it through Sociolla don't forget to use my code "SBNLAHWU" to save 50k from your purchases for minimum 250k before checking out your purchases. Happy shopping ! 

My goodie hamper :) 
My Lovely evening companies ❤ Thank you for gathering us for this event
Love, Stevie 

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