[Event]: Beauty Journal X SOLUSI Organic Skincare by Martha Tilaar

Friday, December 22, 2017

Hello loves, 

Today I'm back with an event report from a usual evening soirée with Beauty Journal by Sociolla as always the event is so homey and warm despite the super cold and rainy evening when the event took place. The event was held last two weeks at Wilshire restaurant together with SOLUSI which is a local organic skincare brand by Martha Tilaar.

For you guys who're new with this brand, let me introduce you to SOLUSI by Martha Tilaar. This is an organic skincare that is certified with ECOCERT that has a vision to provide customers with skincare that are truly organic and natural for a healthy skin. As we gathered at the event we discussed on the importance to maintain a healthy life and healthy skin with organic skincare. I'll take you with me on the sneak peek to the fun I had at this event as well as the fun sharing session during the event. This brand come in as a solution for our needs to start a green lifestyle in order to help preserve the wellness of our planet too!   
Products (Left to right→→) SOLUSI Organic Renewage Face Wash, SOLUSI Organic Renewage Face Cleanser, SOLUSI Organic Renewage Face Toner and SOLUSI Organic Renewage Moisture Lotion. Actually the whole SOLUSI Organic Renewage range has 5 varieties of product including  SOLUSI Organic Renewage Night Cream but apparently the product is currently out of stock. 
During the Q&A session some of the influencers that attended the event shared about their perspective on living a healthy life and the importance of it. Some shared about how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to know our own self to be able to know our own limit. So that we're able to keep a balanced lifestyle between work and everything in between to be able to maintain a healthy body thus having a healthy skin. Another one shared that living healthy is a habit and you need to exercise it daily in order to make your lifestyle change towards a healthier lifestyle. Thus healthy lifestyle will eventually leads to a happier self, your body will thank you if you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle!
Being a brand that is certified by ECOCERT means SOLUSI by Martha Tilaar has taken all their procedures in an organic manner. With that being said so all the SOLUSI products not only are products with natural, organic ingredients but even the whole sales process to distribution and after sales process are all organic. So even the packaging are bio degradable and organic which ensures that the product overall are organic to the core! 

Currently SOLUSI has a whole skincare range with five products: SOLUSI Organic Renewage Face Cleanser, SOLUSI Organic Renewage Face Wash, SOLUSI Organic Renewage Face Toner, SOLUSI Organic Renewage Moisture Lotion, and SOLUSI Organic Renewage Night Cream. The main ingredients for the SOLUSI products are organic green grapes which are planted in Bali. The organic green grapes oil are high in anti-oxidant that are great to fight aging problems and help to maintain your collagen so that your skin remains supple and elastic. The Licorice extract also helps to brighten up your skin. All SOLUSI products are not only made from organic ingredients only but they are also paragon free, No animal testing, and environmental friendly. If they've taken so much consideration into making this product fully organic and even environmental friendly you can now imagine how safe this product will be for your skin! This organic skincare is also suitable for all skin type even sensitive skin and it won't cause any side effects like irritations on your skin.

Basically your skin represents your health! So in order to have a healthy skin you'll definitely need to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right, get enough rest, maintain a healthy mental state... Everything is important, Consuming organic food can also help to maintain your skin from the inside which makes this SOLUSI skincare very interesting as its a fully organic skincare that will be a great food for your skin. Cause we all know its not only our body that needs food but our skin also needs nutrition that comes from skincare which you apply on daily basis. In order to maintain your skin condition so that your skin will look and feel young you'll need to make sure your skin gets all the nutrition it needs from your skincare. Start your skincare regime as early as possible but remember never to overdo! Just fee your skin with the right skincare it needs. 

Here are some of ECOCERT standards for products to be eligible to be certified and we're proud that Solusi by Martha Tilaar is a local skincare brand that has been certified with this ECOCERT certification. 
The Crowd on that evening! 
Moving on to the next session at the event is the salad making session ! To be honest I'm not a salad girl, I don't really enjoy eating green vegetables however I'm fully aware of all the benefits green veggies have for the body. Thus as I'm growing older I realized the need to consume some greens in my diet to give my body the nutrition it needs. So on this session I was the lucky one to be called out to help the chef to create a salad. Salad is always easy to make but this salad we're about to create uses some balsamic oil, nuts, and pumpkin to pair with the greens. All we have to do is mix them well and add enough session on it then you're done! You can experiment and add some fruits like grapes on it too if you like.  
The salad making session was fun! I do enjoy mixing everything together :p
Made my very own salad :) Visual wise it wasn't that bad.
For you guys who want to try out these products from Solusi, you can purchase them at Martha Tilaar shop and also check out Sociolla for your beauty needs. Don't forget to quote my code "SBNLAHWU" to get 50k off from your purchases with a minimum of 250k. Once again thank you so much Beauty Journal and Solusi for having me at this event! I really can't wait to try out the whole range from Solusi Organic Renewage series.  
Thank you so much for having me at this event, Beauty Journal and Solusi! It was a pleasant evening :)

Love, Stevie 

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