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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Hello loves, 
Who are excited for the coming up holidays and Christmas celebrations ? Really can't believe how quick time flies this year... I hope everyone had an awesome year and since tomorrow is Christmas Eve I'm gonna share a little sweet treat review about this cheese cake that I got to try a few days ago. To be honest I'm a great fan of cheese in general and I can finish a whole cheese bar by myself :'p thus I'm super excited to try this Kibo Cheese cake because I rarely find cheese cake that would disappoint me but let me spill a bit this cheese cake by Kibo is indeed very addicting! After the first bite you'd want more of it. 

No celebration is ever complete without cakes thus I believe every joyful celebration will only be complete with the company of some sweet treats and your beloved ones. First I'd like to thank Clozette Indonesia for this opportunity to collaborate and try out Kibo Cheese Cake. Just in time for the festive Christmas celebration Kibo Cheese Cake has made a special Christmas edition packaging and even Christmas hampers. The Christmas packaging is so cute in red with Christmas knick knacks illustrations, very adorable! It would make the perfect Christmas gifts if you're still searching for something to send your loved ones on Christmas Eve or Christmas. If you're gonna gather with your families this holiday season or Christmas getting Kibo cheesecake would make the perfect companion to share together with your loved ones. 
The Christmas packaging comes in two layer of packaging one is for the cake and then an additional red packaging acting like an envelope to hold the cake together. The designs are indeed very Christmas-y :) It would make the perfect Christmas gift! 
The different Christmas Hampers option available by Kibo Cheese Cake
So I got myself a huge whole Kibo cheesecake in original flavor and four different flavors of mini Kibo Cheese cake. Kibo Cheese Cake has 5 flavors: original, Chocolate, Salted Egg, Strawberry, Matcha  (green tea) and they usually also comes up with new seasonal flavors too. Each Kibo Cheese cake is kind of different from the usual cheesecake because each Kibo Cheesecake has three layers of soft shuffle, with 5  different types of cheese, premium rich molten, cheese cream and moist buttery sponge that will instantly melt in your mouth. Kibo cheese cakes have super soft, molten and rich taste, so if you're a cheese lover better try it out! Kibo Cheese comes in two different size variant small and large, for each large cake price starts from 180k-200k according to the flavors you choose. While for each small cake it cost 35k per piece. 
For the small cakes I chose four different flavors: Choco, Matcha, Salted egg and Strawberry 
Whenever you cut off the cheesecake you'll see the inside melts and so it was kinda hard to get a good shot of the cut off cakes because the texture of this Kibo Cheese cake is so soft and the interior literally melts off but despite my not so skillful cutting skills the taste doesn't change and they still taste super yummy. I almost finish a whole cake even before Christmas ! hahahaha:) My personal favorite is the strawberry one because the strawberry balance out the whole cheese cake perfectly! Aside from that I also love their original flavor cause you can actually feel the dense and rich cheese flavor in it and the best part is its not too sweet. 
When you cut open the cheesecake you'll see cheese melting on the inner part of the cake :) This molten cheesecake has a texture that is super soft and it literally melt away in your mouth, making you want more of it! 
Check out Kibo Cheese Cake on their social medias for special promotions and offers

You can purchase Kibo Cheese Cake at the store list below or you can simply order your cheesecake via GOJEK GO Food apps to safe your time and all the stressful holiday traffic jams. Let Go Food purchase them for you and you can sit back while waiting to enjoy your melting Kibo cheesecake. 
Outlets Directory 
Kota Kasablanka Mall:
Jl. Casablanca Raya, Tebet
UG floor (In front of Bath & Body Works)

Grand Indonesia:
Jl. MH Thamrin
3A floor, Sky Bridge

PIK Avenue Mall:
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk
2 floor, Foodtown Dotonburi
021 - 22512458
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas loves! Hope you guys have a fabulous Christmas Eve and may everyone find peace, joy and warmth this Christmas season. 

Love, Stevie 

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