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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Collagen drinks? Have you ever tried them before? As we all know collagen is something our skin needs to help it regenerate and keep our skin looking plump, elastic and youthful. So a few weeks ago in the midst of my event marathon I was invited to Beauty Journal X Kinohimitsu event. Picking up on the theme of "Aging Gracefully" I think everyone should think age is not a hinderance to remain beautiful as not everything that age looks old or rotten, we should age like wine ! With that being said  so need to start our healthy skin care and lifestyle regime from our early twenties to preserve the state of our current skin health. It's said to start early then to regret later...  

I've actually heard a lot of positive reviews regarding this Kinohimitsu collagen drink and am super eager to try them out. Thanks to Beauty Journal and Kinohimitsu for inviting me to the event thus I got the chance to finally try out this popular collagen drink which is dubbed as one of the best selling collagen drink in Asia. 
As usual all our Beauty Journal starts with the opening speech from our Editor in Chief, Mira Monika and continued by the representative of Kinohimitsu sharing a fun session with all the Sociolla Blogger Network members that attended the event. So they shared that all Kinohmitsu drinks are meant to focus on Detox, Health and Beauty. Its not only skincare that is important for our skin but we should also consider what we consume so that it reflects from within. Kinohimitsu aim to help their customers to achieve beauty that glows from inside-out! Kinohimitsu is healthy drink from Japan that from its name "Ki no Himitsu" means core secret made from nature. 

All Kinohimitsu products are made from natural based extracts thus they are said to be safe and effective to improve one's well being. From all the Kinohimitsu products available in Indonesia their collagen drink is one of the most popular product from Kinohimitsu cause apparently it taste very good and doesn't have any weird taste like usual healthy drinks. Although all Kinohimitsu products are made from no artificial add ons and preservatives but it can stay from quite a long period of shelf life its because of their packaging. The Kinohimitsu bottle packaging is thick and in dark brown color  with a lead that is pressed with UHT to ensure that all the bacteria can't enter the drink thus the whole packaging method has helped to preserve the drink. 
Currently Kinohimitsu Indonesia has four different product variants available locally: Kinohimitsu J'Pan Collagen Drink 2.500mg and Kinohimitsu J'Pan Collagen Diamond Drink 5.300mg that falls under the collagen drink group, Kinohimitsu J'Pan D'T Juice and  Kinohimitsu J'Pan UB Drink. 

So what makes Kinohimitsu products different from other healthy drinks in the market? Kinohimitsu drinks are made from natural ingredients that are active like perilla seeds and grape seeds extracts (OPC) with lots of other natural ingredients that are great for not only skin but body too. Kinohimitsu is 100% natural without any additional sugar, preservatives, artificial coloring, chemicals or other harmful ingredients that are tested and verified with international certification. Since Kinohimitsu is firm in their believes to provide customers with the best healthy drink they have been certified by CE Mark, USA FDA ( Food and Drug Administration), they have GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice), Halal certification, and HAACP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) with all these certifications that Kinohimitsu has it has been proven internationally that the products are tested to be safe. Thus this making Kinohimitsu products reliable to test out in order to bring a healthy and beautiful skin from within. 
Kinohimitsu J'Pan Collagen Drink 2.500mg and Kinohimitsu J'Pan Collagen Diamond Drink 5.300mg are collagen drinks from Kinohimitsu that contain these main natural ingredients such as collagen (fish), Perilla seed extract, silk protein, soy isoflavon, apple, lemon, and lychee juice condensed that are effective to brighten up the skin. The ingredients can help to diminish hyper pigmentation on the skin as it helps the skin cell to regenerate effectively. It is best consumed one bottle daily in the morning before breakfast or before bed. Make sure to shake well before consuming. For first timer it is recommended to drink continuously for six days straight for maintaining phase you can drink one bottle every two days. Its said that after continuously drinking for six days you can see significant results on your skin already. Kinohimitsu J'Pan Collagen Drink 2.500mg is suitable for those who are 25 y.o. and Kinohimitsu J'Pan Collagen Diamond Drink 5.300mg is for even more mature skin like 30 y.o. and above because as we age the collagen reproduction in our own body decreases thus we need even more dosage of the collagen. 
Kinohimitsu J'Pan UB Drink is made from red grapes, blueberry, blackcurrent, and apple extract that are rich in vitamin c that are effective to naturally protect your skin from UV and brighten up your skin. It is recommended to drink it in the morning or before going out for any outdoor activities to help it protect our skin.
This Kinohimitsu D'tox Juice (Plum) is said to be effective to help detoxification process and helps to improve digestive system. Kinohimitsu J'Pan D'T Juice  is made from dark plum fruit juice, purified water, sorbitol, roselle fruit juice, blueberry concentrate, mannitol, blackberry concentrate, place plum fruit juice and citric acid. It is recommended to drink one bottle daily for continuously six days. For the maintaining phase you can consume one- three bottle of Kinohimitsu J'Pan D'T Juice every week. 
 Kinohimitsu J'Pan Collagen Diamond Drink 5.300mg is suitable for those in their thirties or above while for those below 30 y.o you can try Kinohimitsu J'Pan Collagen Drink 2.500mg. 
Moving on to the next session, its the mocktail making session... Its super fun and exciting to create a new drink because it's kind of my first experience to make my own drink so I'm pretty excited for it. 
The menu we can choose to make our mocktail mix

So this was my Kinohimitsu mocktail mix, added some water and soft drink (sprite) to the drink with some fresh fruits strawberry, peach and raspberry. Well it tastes pretty good too!

My happy summer days mocktail mix. 
Paola Tambunan and Tina Kanna Mirdad, as the guest speakers  (minus Catherine Sumitri) They are all so beautiful in person❤
 Kinohimitsu Products are available online or through your local drug stores or wellness stores.   Kinohimitsu Products available in Indonesia comes in different packaging:
 -Kinohimitsu J'Pan Collagen Drink 2.500mg : There are two packaging available for this variant that is consisting 6 bottles or 16 bottles. 
- Kinohimitsu J'Pan Collagen Diamond Drink 5.300mg is available in three different packaging one packet consisting 6 bottles, 16 bottles and 32 bottles. 
-Kinohimitsu J'Pan D'T Juice is available in packaging containing 3 bottles
 -Kinohimitsu J'Pan UB Drink is available in packaging containing 6 bottles. 
The hampers that I got from the event goodies a whole stock for one week of collagen drink !
Let's hope that this collagen drink will give my skin the boost it needs after all these tiring and sleepless nights !
My OOTD for this event! This outfit won me a best dress award :)

Love, Stevie 

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