Friday, December 15, 2017

This season I wish everyone betters up 
I wish for no more false hope
I wish everyone will find joy, 

It's no longer the same season 
Don't dwell in the past
Let it go
Leave it free
Let it sail

Looking back
I've walked through different seasons
I experience thrill & anxious
I walk through pain & tears
I cherish happiness & opportunities

Even on the darkest season 
You'll see a bright star shining up you
On the other day 
You might be the shining star! 

Remember, You are Enough! 
You might not be for everyone 
But you are, for yourself.

P.S. Since Christmas and holidays are coming up I hope this can pop in and be a gentle reminder for each of us! To better up and be a bigger, better person everyday.. This world will challenge and tear us apart! Even so never doubt yourself and be kind.. Not for others but for yourself. I hope you enjoy my little thoughts!

Love, Stevie 

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