New Year/ Year End Holiday Destinations only 1 to 3 Hours away from Home

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Hello loves, 
Can’t imagine we’re already two days away from new year. Dont you feel that this year time seems to fly so quickly? Especially when you’re extremely busy and productive that you have no time to actually grasp on the moments everything just seem to move so quickly for me this year. How has your 2017 been? I hope everyone had a great one... 
So its finally time for year end holiday season and I bet holiday is the best way to bring back new energies to be ready for the coming up new year and all the new work loads that are coming in a bit. 
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Everyone needs that time off to be away and just relax that makes year end holiday season the best time of the year to spend your holidays with your families or loved ones. Year end holidays are even more festives as its close to the most joyful time of the year Christmas! So you’ll get to see lots of post Christmas celebrations decorations in various destinations. If you’re not keen of travelling long flights traveling to close countries around Asia like Singapore or HongKong can be a good choice of holiday destinations since no long flight is required. Hong kong is only more or less 3 hours away and its great since you can experience a change in Weather as Hongkong is currently winter in December even without snow but you can feel the chills of the winds... so you can pull out your winter outfits, cute coats and take them with you on your trip. In Singapore which is only an hour away can give you a different Christmas vibes with their Christmas installations throughout Orchard Road. Feel the festive joy and celebration as they celebrate New Year's Eve! 
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To avoid any hustling in preparing for your trip you can order all your flight tickets, accommodations and all the thing you need on your trip through HISGO. With this H.I.S. Online Booking online service you can easily book your flight ticket and hotels or if you’re too lazy to plan out itinerary you can choose various land tours packages made available by HIS online booking service. A lot of land tour options are available for various different routes to different countries all across the globe. HISGO can help you plan your dream holiday to any country all across the globe not only for Japan. What are you waiting for book your tickets now and hop on the plane to celebrate new year at your dream city for this year end holiday season. 
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