Fun Activities to do for NYE in Hong Kong and Singapore

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Holidays season is always best spent with beloved ones traveling to new places abroad. Have you planned your year end holiday? So we're now at the end of 2017 and tomorrow finally is 365/365!! Where do you plan to spend New year's eve? Wanting some thrill and book an immediate trip for your holiday,  HISGO has it all covered for you. 

HISGO is an online travel agent that will help you book your flights and accommodations online. No need to hustle to the travel agent counters cause now you can get your whole trip planned out through  HISGO. You even find lots of activities any where around the world with HISGO land tour packages, this give you the freedom to choose the trip and packages that matches your liking. 

After sharing some of the destinations that you can travel within 1-3 hours from home in this post I'll share some fun activities you can do at those countries for New Year's Eve. If you happen to already be there or now thinking of booking a flight away.. Go ahead make 2018 a fresh and exciting start! New Year's eve is all about countdown and firework festivals so here are some ideas on how to spend New Year's Eve in Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Things to do in Singapore on New Year's Eve

- Go to Marina Bay
Marina Bay is the perfect spot to see fireworks this NYE as you gaze through the night sky as the final celebration of NYE countdown begin. 

-Go to Garden by the Bay
If you don't like a crowded and packed place this might be a good option for you, since its quite a distance from the bustling crowds but you can still enjoy the fireworks and the beauty of Garden by the Bay. 

- Go to Marina Barrage
This can be the perfect place to spend a laid back picnic with your loved ones. Its bit far from Marina Bay but you can still get to see the fireworks from a distance. It might get packed so better come early to tag your seat and don't forget to pack some take out foods. 

Things to do in Hong Kong on New Year's Eve

-Go to Victoria Harbour
To catch the most anticipated fireworks for the countdown. Hong Kong is known for is festive NYE celebration and they never fail to bring joy to both citizens and tourists of HongKong. It's better to be around the area earlier as its going to be super packed and road closures start early as well, around 6:30 pm.  

- Board a luxurious cruise 
It can be a good way to bid good bye to 2017 and welcome 2018 in a cruise as you can sit and sing and join the crowd while enjoying the lit fireworks. 

Guess that's all for this post! I Hope everyone have a great NYE and let's start 2018 with a big fat smile. Thank you so much for being a kind reader for my humble blog on this travel post for the past one year! It has been a very exciting topic to share each month with you guys and of course thanks to Beautynesia and HIS for this opportunity to make this post possible. Happy holidays and Happy New Year in advance loves! If you're going on a trip don't forget to check on Beautynesia on the kind of skincare or beauty products you'd need to pack. Till next year guys~

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